USA - Photo by Tamara Gore via Unsplash


Joy and I share one key factor, we are both riding with disabilities

Joy Medved is a highly accomplished rider who has recently completed a USA tour of 7,557 miles through 22 states in 21 days. Exemplary, since she has Traumatic Brain Injury from a prior motorcycle accident. Joy and I share one key factor, we are both riding with disabilities. We have both learned to continue with our love of motorcycling despite medical degradations.

Joy’s new website will blend her training knowledge of the past, with medical insights on how to safely continue riding, even if you have medical or physical degradations. I am honored that she has asked me to be a contributing author on Traumatic Brain Injury or other medical issues, explaining the challenges you face and how to manage and get back some of what was lost. I endorse this venture. Joy is experienced, focused, and will contribute to improve the quality of life of those who visit her website.

Nicky Theodore Zarras, Captail USAF RR; Managing Editor, STAReview Magazine

One of the true treasures of our sport

Joy Medved of Joy of Motorcycling is one of the true treasures of our sport. Over three decades and more than a half-million miles of riding isn’t the primary reason for this accolade. Joy Medved takes the voodoo and esoteric aspects of riding and breaks it down to easily understandable concepts. Her keen mind and positive spirit shine as an inspiration to men and women riders, all over the world. Joy of Motorcycling is a hub of tested and proven information, practical advice, and a community of like-minded people eager to share their wealth of experience and knowledge.

Jim Foreman, Owner of Authentic Moto Travels

An incredible inspiration to women riders

Joy Medved has been an incredible inspiration to hundreds, if not thousands of women riders over the last 30+ years. She has taught and encouraged many new riders and seasoned riders like myself, tips and tricks to elevate the experience of motorcycle riding. It’s wonderful to see the astonished looks on the faces of men and women alike when she rights a downed Honda Goldwing with the bike lift technique she developed years ago. I am absolutely thrilled to know Joy is bringing back her website and blog, “Joy of Motorcycling” to once again share her vast knowledge with us!

Grumbles (aka Dayna Rose Davidson), Founder of Sisters Of Scota, 1977; MMA Lifetime Member & Division 1 Manager; ABATE Lifetime Member