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I thought the driver would brake hard once he saw me…

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“I thought the driver would brake hard once he saw me…”
Twenty-one years ago today, Joy was involved in a serious motorcycling accident that changed her life. While still recovering from serious injuries, Joy knew she needed to take her love for riding in a new direction. “My body was still broken, but my mind wanted to go, go, go. So, I got on the computer and went, went, went. I wanted to create something that would help riders learn how to manage motorcycling hazards and reduce the risk of riding, while at the same time, learn to have more fun motorcycling.”

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Announcing Joy of Motorcycling’s® 2021 Grand Re-Opening!

Joy of Motorcycling Logo L01 - Blue-on-Blue - Solid

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My name is Joy Medved, I am the founder of Joy of Motorcycling®. Those of you who have followed me for the past 10-20 years, know that Joy of Motorcycling® has been a major part of my life since 2000. I started the organization to help riders improve their knowledge and understanding of the art and science of riding motorcycles, and, of course, to help riders learn how to have more fun motorcycling! Read More

Anticipating Animal Antics: 5 Things Riders Need to Know

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The key to anticipating animal antics and avoiding those potentially painful up-close-and-personal encounters, is to learn as much as we can about the different environments we ride in, and the different animals who live there. With this information in our knowledge toolbox, we will already have a good idea what to expect and how to react, when – not if – the situation arises. Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Basic Introduction

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A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), as the name states, is injury to the brain, temporal or cranial areas of the body from trauma, such as the head coming in contact with a violent blow from an assault, a projectile, a blast from explosion, or in the case of motorcycles, impact to a vehicle or the ground. The trauma can affect the brain temporarily or permanently due to bruising, torn tissues, internal bleeding and other complications.

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