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Joy of Motorcycling® Today

2021 Grand Re-Opening . . .

After a very challenging five-year recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) sustained in a motorcycle crash, Joy, is excited to announce the relaunch Joy of Motorcycling®!

Joy of Motorcycling of the Past

Joy’s hope in starting Joy of Motorcycling® back in 2000 was to help riders learn how to better manage motorcycling hazards and be safer on the road. The idea at the time was to complement, not compete with, topics covered in traditional on-the-motorcycle range courses. As Joy puts it, “Range-based schools are extremely important for practical riding skills, but in my time on two wheels, I’ve learned a lot of things not typically taught on the range. This is where Joy of Motorcycling® has played a major role.”

Joy of Motorcycling® of the past provided a number of classroom-based courses on topics such as: lane-sharing, motorcycle traffic laws, defense strategies, situational awareness, crash management, and hazard management. Joy also launched the country’s first and only traffic violator school dedicated to motorcycle riders, which ran until 2007.

As a Motorcycle Mentor, Joy was honored to reach thousands of riders at hundreds of events across the United States during those first 15 years.

Joy of Motorcycling in the Present

Now, with the help of others, Joy has resumed her post as a leading voice in the motorcycling community, sharing her story and experience once again. “My goal is to help other riders conquer the risk, master the machine, and of course, have more fun motorcycling! In fact, this is our new mantra,” Joy shares.

As a respected trainer, speaker, safety advocate, and highly skilled rider, Joy’s engaging and educational presentations are perfect for both men and women of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner rider or advanced rider, Joy’s training and speaking topics will give you lots of advanced tips and techniques taken from Joy’s own 30+ years of riding experience.

According to Joy, “In addition to my motorcycle pick-up demonstrations, one of my most popular classes was Anticipating Animal Antics. You can expect to see this one again, along with several new topics.” As part of the relaunch, Joy will be offering some updated training and speaking topics, and is also working with someone to help her finish writing a series of books she started prior to her 2016 TBI. The road recovery has taken its toll on her in many ways, but it has not diminished her passion for riding motorcycles or passing on her wisdom.

Now, Joy is back!

Power-up your event: Book Joy Medved, Motorcycle Mentor!

Joy Medved currently resides in Southern California and provides mentoring, training and speaking services throughout the US, both in-person and online.

Applicable for both new riders and seasoned riders alike, every presentation offers lots of Joy’s personal Advanced Strategies and Insider Tip’niques™, learned from her 30+ years on two wheels.

Book Joy for your next meeting, rally, expo, conference, or other similar event. As an event planner, you can rely on the fact that Joy’s humorous, yet highly educational talks, go well beyond “Motorcycling 101”!

As a highly experienced trainer and speaker, Joy will help to ensure your event is educational, inspiring, and fun, and that your attendees conquer the risk, master the machine, and have more fun motorcycling!

Below is a list of just some of Joy’s training and speaking topics being prepared for 2021. More topics and detailed descriptions will be added soon!

  • How to Manage Motorcycling Hazards, including:
      • How to Anticipate Animal Antics
      • How to Predict Traffic Troubles
      • How to Recognize Roadway Risks
      • How to Adjust to the Environment
  • How to Ride Every Road, including:
      • How to Select Lanes & Lines
      • How to Move Fast on the Freeway
      • How to Cruise the Open Highway
      • How to Deal with Difficult Road Designs
  • How to Ride Faster, Safer, including:
      • How to Reduce Risk
      • How to Develop Your Own Defense Strategies
      • How to Increase Your Confidence
      • How to Ride with Age, Injury & Illness
      • Fear or Fun? How to have more fun motorcycling!
  • How to Minimize Motorcycling Mistakes, including:
      • How to Prevent Slow-Speed Slips
      • How to Prevent Parking Lot Faux Pas
      • Understanding Brakes, Tires, Tread & Traction
  • How to Ride Well with Others, including:
      • Journey vs Destination Riding – Which are you?
      • Understanding Riding Styles & Motorcycle Subcultures
      • Riding with Packs, Pairs, Partners & Pets
      • Participating in Parades & Other Special Events

Joy is looking forward to getting back to working with riders, providing her signature training, speaking and motorcycle mentoring. Let Joy know how she can help you and your group conquer the risk, master the machine and have more fun motorcycling!

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